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Dunedine Dungarees: A Fun Fashionable Take on Overalls

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

These Dunedin dungarees are "sew" much fun to make!  The design options are endless, and when they are done you won't believe how comfortable they are to wear.

This is definitely a multi-season pattern depending on your fabric choices.  For my first pair I chose this wonderful wide whale chocolate brown corduroy from Minerva fabrics.  I wanted to add a bit of lux to my make so I used this faux leather, also from Minerva, for all of my pockets.

The pattern comes with two strap options and several fastening choices.   You can chose the a flared back strap as I did,or a straight strap.   The straight strap might be a nice choice if you are using a lighter weight fabric.

There are five different pocket options.  This makes choosing your pocket placement a fun creative process.    As I was using faux leather I chose the large front angled pockets and patch pockets for the back.  There is a small chest pocket for the front but I wanted to have an extra large front pocket.   Once I determined the size that I wanted I followed the instructions for the small front pocket, adding extra fabric for the top and side seams.   I measured the width of my phone and topstitched the pocket to create a perfectly sized compartment for that.  The remaining pocket fits my glasses- bonus! There are recommended pocket placements but you can easily become creative with where you place them.   

The straps can be fastened in a number of ways.  I chose to use traditional dungaree fasteners. You can also choose D-ring fasteners, grommets with a knotted tie, or snaps.  The patterns gives you clear directions for any of these finishes.   Its another opportunity to personalize your dungarees.

I sewed a size large dungaree through the chest and graded down to a size medium through the hips.  This allowed for room throughout but didn’t make them look too oversized.   I added 3” of extra length to the straps, but probably only need to add 1” to give enough to loop through the hardware.  I also added an extra 2” to a the leg length so I that I could create a larger cuff.

The Undercover Top is specifically designed to be paired with the Dunedins.   

It is the perfect top to pair with you dungarees.  An easy straightforward sew, it is designed with negative ease across the bust line but not around the waist.   This pattern also offers several options for sewing different styles.  You can see all of the details in my previous post here.  You can buy the Dungarees and Undercover top as bundle online and save 25%.

I think dungarees are a more “fun fashion” option to leggings or sweat pants.   In the spring I think it will be wonderful to add a soft linen pair to my wardrobe, followed by a pair of short dungarees.  After all there is always…. Sew Much To Design. Once you have a pair there is no turning back.               


Happy Dungaree Sewing,

Lou Sheffer

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