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Lou Sheffer

A Sewing Journey

Sewing is my passion. I love everything about it, the fabric, the patterns, the process, the creation. As I follow my own sewing journey it is important to me that I support Independent pattern and fabric companies as much as I can.  I also believe in building connections throughout our sewing community.   

As a 6 foot woman who has always found it difficult to buy Ready To Wear clothing I am thoroughly enjoying the versatility, creativity and options that creating a "Me Made" wardrobe offers. Sewing is a journey for me, and each make is an adventure.

I hope that this blog will support your sewing journey and help you to learn and discover new things as well.

Take a look around; perhaps your passion for sewing will be ignited as well... After all there is Sew Much to Design!

Lou Sheffer 

Victoria, British Columbia


Seamwork Ambassador

Fabric Brand Ambassador

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