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A Bespoke Birthday Skirt

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

There is nothing that brings me joy like being able to use my sewing skills to create a gift for a special friend. This make was just that!

Carol gave me one of her favourite skirts and I created a bespoke pattern just for her. I now have a skirt pattern for her that I can use for many birthdays and Christmases to come. The pattern is designed to use with knit fabrics and 2” elastic for the waistband. Both Carol and I very much admire the fashion designs of Lakoula who is based out of Munich, Germany. One day, when we can travel again I hope to go to Martina’s shop to see her amazing designs in person. The talent and creativity Martina puts into her designs inspired this skirt.

Shout Out to Lakoula!!

I used a double knit stretch for this particular make. The pattern is drafted to have 1’ ease through the hip, then graded down to fit her waist. I used a soft, black 2’ elastic for the waistband. The elastic is the same measurement as the waistband on the skirt so there are is no gathering and it lies nice and flat. The pocket fabric was cut across the grain to add interest to an otherwise very simple design. I used pleather binding for the top of the pockets. Its easier to sew if you use an extra sharp leather needle and sew slowly to prevent the pleather from slipping and the needle from breaking. Using quilter’s clips helps to keep it in place, as you can’t pin it without leaving a mark in the pleather. I like using pleather bias binding- it’s a fun way to add a bit of extra flare and fun to a make. The best part about this pattern design is that you can wear the pockets in the front or the back. Simply give it a twist and you have a different look!

I hope this skirt brings Carol birthday fun and celebrations…there will be more designs for other celebrations… after all, there is Sew Much To Design!


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