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Creating A Fall-Transitional Statement Dress: The Gabby from Fibre Mood

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

Well its inevitable, summer is almost over and fall will soon be here. We have a few weeks left but temperatures are dropping and we need to think about what we can add to our wardrobes that will transition perfectly into our fall wardrobes.

Basics are always a great place to start. Couple a great basic with one of your perfect dark neutrals and you will have the perfect make to layer and accessorize throughout the fall and winter season. A make like this is perfect for a more fashion-forward item that will spice up your closet as September arrives. A semi-tailored maxi dress adds a pop of interest to traditional layers like button down shirts, jeans and tights. It is the perfect foundation base for welcoming in fall weather.

The Gabby Dress from Fibre Mood is a perfect way to add a more minimalist approach to building your basics trans-seasonal wardrobe. Gabby has wonderful drape that adds to its alluring design lines. It does not have extravagant details, the line of the dress is elegantly widened by the triangular godet. It adds subtle drama but it still keeps the overall look of the dress simple and chic. The godet can be cut on the bias creating further drape or it can be left out for a slimmer look. I was limited by the amount of fabric I had so I did not cut my godet on the bias. Instead I laid it along the grainline and used it as a subtle insert to add flare to the dress.

I chose not to use the two-in-one ballon sleeve for my Gabby. Instead I used a double bias binding to finish the sleeve opening in order to create a sleeveless look. I left enough ease through the arm syce to give me the option for layering. The layering options are unlimited; form-fitted long sleeve bodysuits, thin merano sweaters or a collared button-up.

Topping these layers off with a cropped chore jacket will add warmth and that final “flare-layer”, the third piece that truly makse this more than a dress, it becomes a fashion forward outfit. The lovely V-neckline, box pleat back panel and side seam pockets add chic finishing details to the overall look of the dress.

For my Gabby Dress I chose this crisp chocolate brown cotton poplin. I wanted a plain fabric so that layering would be easy. I love the crisp subtle brown for summer and by choosing a darker colour it will function well in multiple seasons. There are many fabric choices for Gabby besides poplin. It would look lovely in a linen, chambray, muslin or you could use more drapey fabrics like crepe, viscose challis, satin or lace. Even a knit fabric works well which makes the Gabby pattern even more of a mist have wardrobe basic pattern. Stiffer fabrics will give you a much more volume, drapier fabrics will give you a more subtle, understated look.

I loved the styling tips for the Gabby that can be found on the Fibre Mood website.

The Gabby dress has a looser straight cut through the waist which means the styling looks fantastic on body types that are more rectangular or those with a fuller waistline. Gabby has wonderful flow that doesn’t emphasize the waist. The length of the dress can easily be altered to flatter according to height. As I am 6 feet tall I used the long version of the Gabby, adding 5” to the finished length because the model for the pattern is 5’6”. Taller women can easily wear this longer version, carrying the fullness of the fabric as an asset to their height. If you are shorter, choose the shorter version; average height women can wear either length.

Gabby is a great pattern. You will have fun sewing it and styling it. No matter what you do this dress is a perfect addition to your classic wardrobe basics list. I think it would be lovely in a lighter weight chambray or fine whale corduroy styled with sneakers or heeled boots. After all… There is Sew Much To Design.

Happy Gabby Sewing,

Lou Sheffer

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1 Comment

Stephanie Busby
Stephanie Busby
Aug 26, 2023

That looks lovely on you. Really nice to see as that is not a pattern I would have chosen. Now, with the sleeveless look and making it shorter for my height, with layering it's on my list. Thanks. :)

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