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A Vest with True Versatility

Sometimes you come across a pattern that is so creatively designed you have to make it.

This vest by Grasser Patterns is that pattern.

When I first saw this vest pattern I was immediately drawn to the unique design. The No. 787 vest has no side panel; instead it creatively uses a D-Ring and tie closure. This ingenious design element allows you to be able to wear the vest in countless ways, layering it over heavy sweaters, dresses or even other jackets. I love the versatility that is afforded by this simple yet effective concept.

I have had this pattern for a while, patiently waiting to find the perfect fabric. When Polytex Stoffen launched their Winter 2023 Collection I knew I had found it. This quilted coating fabric is nothing short of luxury. It is buttery soft and offers classic double sided quilting. This fabric is incredibly easy to work. It is nice to cut and sews beautifully. It offers just the right amount of "puff" to be fashion forward, and it compresses very easily, which makes it a perfect option for travel. I don't think I have come across a fabric this allluring and useful for a long time. The glorious Pinecone colour coupled with awaterproof shell makes for a winning combination of fashionable and useful.

Let's look a bit more closely at the vest and its great design elements.... The pattern itself is simple and doesn't have any complicated pieces which makes it a perfect choice for a quilted fabric. The front of the vest is created by sewing two front panels together to create a horizontal center front seam. The extra large pockets are made with a combination of your main fabric and lining. The top of the pocket is folded over and combined with the lining for a minimalist facing and pocket bag design. The vest is fully lined and uses an adapted bagged out approach, turning it through an opening along the back bottom facing and main fabric.

Other great design elements of this vest include the colllar stand and zippered front. . When purchasing Grasser patterns you are able to select from several different height options. I chose the longest version possible which meant that I needed an 80 cm open ended zipper. I used a dark brown zipper which a bronze finish so that it would colour match with the fabric which subtly highlighted the zipper feature. The zipper is sewn into the collar stand allowing you to zip it right up to the top creating lovely funnel neck shape that makes it extra cozy to wear.

The side closure of the vest is created by using a belt tie and a set of D-Rings on each side. To ensure that the tie would not be too thick or puffy I added extra lines of topstitching down the center of the tie to help to flatten it. It was really easy to do because the quilted costing compresses so easily. I shortened the length of the ties by 12" so that the tie length felt more balanced with the length of the vest. The D-Ring fastening works very well and I love that you can adjust them based on the thickness of the layers you are wearing underneath.

The back panel is designed to be cut out in two pieces with a center seam but I chose to cut my vest on the fold. This was an easy adjustment to make and I think offered a sleeker finish.

I have enjoyed the versatility that this vest design offers for styling. It truly can be layered over any outfit. Seen here with my Fibremood Josephine, it works perfectly for a bit of added warmth. It will even layer over another jacket or blazer. It is the perfect choice if you are wearing an oversized bulky sweater. Whether you are using the vest pattern from Grasser or the quilted coating from Polytex Stoffen or possibly combining them, you will not be disappointed. After all.... There is Sew Much To Design.

Happy Sewing,

Lou Sheffer


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