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Faux Leather Coatigan

I really enjoy the look and feel of quality faux leather; there is a glam factor that adds to the allure of the fabric and a practicality that allows you to make a huge variety of garments and accessories.

Faux leather, vegan leather or pleather is a petroleum-based alternative to genuine leather. It is a wonderful fabric that has many of the same desirable attributes as real leather, without the cost. This core range stretch faux leather from Minerva is soft to the touch and water resistant. It has the perfect weight and drape for clothing and is available in 14 different colours. It is a single stretch knit with 30% stretch across the width of the fabric and no stretch through the length. The reverse side of the fabric has a lovely smooth knit finish, perfect for unlined garments. This is the brown colour, but it does have undertones of deep maroon. It has a lovely deep colour and texture to add to your wardrobe basics selections.

Initially when I ordered this fabric, I wanted to make a long trench-style coat. I thought it would be a great choice because of the water resistant qualities of faux leather.

When it arrived I decided that the softness of the fabric was better suited to something with more drape and less tailoring.

The Luz pattern from Fibre Mood is a favourite of mine. It is designed to be worn as a cozy cardigan that can be worn with or without a belt. It has the drape and styling that I was looking for. The neckline has a tailored look to it, created by folding over the built in facing. It offers a clean unlined finish. There is a cut on sleeve and a creatively designed pocket. I added bias binding around the pocket and along the seam for a polished finish. It’s a nice detail if you wear the Luz open without the belt.

The Luz can be worn over absolutely everything. Designed as a knit pattern, it can be easily adapted for woven fabrics by sizing up for more room across the shoulder. It features a lower set in sleeve that can be eliminated to create a long vest for layering.

Just finish off the sleeve opening with a rolled hem or a bias binding and you are good to go.

I am so pleased with my finished Luz. The faux leather feels chic and sophisticated but it blocks out the wind and rain. I can throw it on over any outfit. It is fun to style in countless ways. The suppleness and stretch to the fabric makes it incredibly comfortable to wear anywhere, stretching comfortably across the shoulders for ease of movement. It is a very light weight garment so I think it will be a perfect item to pack or wear on the plane for travels to cooler climates. Any make that looks luxurious, travels well and is easy to pack is always a great addition to your Me-Made wardrobe.

I have some wonderful vintage mohair that would make a fantastic full length vest…I may just go and dig it out before I put the pattern away….

After all….there is Sew Much to Design.

Happy Faux Leather Sewing,

Lou Sheffer

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