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Creating Quiet Luxury for Your Fall Wardrobe

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

As we move into fall it is all about choosing fashion pieces that exude rich texture and quiet luxury.

This is definitely an aesthetic for Fall/Winter 2023. Creating personalized high-quality luxury basics to transition into fall is the perfect choice. These basics can be the backbone of a fashion forward wardrobe. Once you make something with an understated, richly textured luxury vibe you may never go back. Givenchy believed that "Luxury is in every detail". With fast fashion taking the world by storm it is nice to know that our slow fashion movement exudes luxury in the details of a make and the fabrics we choose. Playing with texture adds a dash of decadence to a simpler silhouette.

You can't go wrong with easy to style separates. Separates created within the same colour hues will always coordinate. Mixing and matching becomes effortless and your options for creating fresh outfit combinations endless. Having had my colour analysis done through Color Guru lately, I now have my own personalized Calm Autumn colour card to take with me when I am shopping for fabrics and accessories. My world has been simplified but my choices and options have completely opened up. All of the colours on my card can be worn together, mixing and matching is effortless and I feel absolutley wonderful in anything I wear. I have really enjoyed having a reference that helps me narrow down my choices and choose creative and wonderful things. My colours truly are a reflection of the soft, muted rich colours of fall; no wonder I have always loved this season.

In keeping with my autumn colours and quite luxury I chose this gorgeous washable suede from my local fabric store. While out shopping with some girlfriends I was wondering around soaking in new trends and styling when I noticed a lovely satin blouse with unique styling. I don't buy many ready-to-wear items anymore but I was really drawn to the design esthetic of this blouse. It fits beautifully and I felt great in it so I bought it hoping that I could recreate the look and use it as a pattern guide without taking it apart.

I have been sewing for 3 years now and my confidence in sewing techniques and how patterns are pieced together has continued to grow. I felt confident enough to try to recreate this top. To begin with I folded the top in half tracing around the front and back pieces. For large pattern work I use rolls of medical paper that you see at your doctors office! It is SO much cheaper than pattern paper and you can order it to your door from Amazon. Cost saving and convenient! Once I had the basic outline traced I added a 1 cm seam allowance, and measured the extra length needed for the elastic casing in the back.

To create the facing for the neckline I retraced the outline of the front and back finished neckline, added the seam allowance to the neckline itself then added 2" to create the depth of the facing. For the cuffs I measured the finished cuff and created a pattern piece the same size, adding the seam allowance all the way round.

The botton of the sleeve had two pleats so I played around with extending the width of the sleeve pattern until I could create a pleat that when folded matched the finished width of the cuff. I measured where the sleeve placket was and drew a line on the pattern to indicate where I need to cut the sleeve to create it.

I didn't have enough of the main fabric to create 4 cuff pieces so I chose a burnt taffeta fabric scrap to create the inside cuff and used a metallic bias binding I had made earlier to finish the placket. If you don't have one already I highly recommend getting a bias binding tool kit so you can make your own easily. The other really fun addition I highly recommend is a personalized sewing label from The Dutch Label Company. You can quickly design your own label on their website and it will be delivered to you in a week. I love my new labels!

I am really pleased with the results. I like the oversized look of the top as it highlights the colour and texture of the fabric. The subtle metallic finishes work well and of course I am always thrilled when I can use buttons from my vintage collection. The slightly cropped styling of the top makes it really easy to style with these cargo pants and a metallic ballet flat. Two other trending fashions this fall.

I will be able to style this top in so many ways this fall. It will pair beautifully with jeans, trousers or skirts and depending on the accessories I choose it can be dressed up or down. This kind of versatility coupled with a fabric that doesn't crease and can be easily washed puts it at the top of my list for travelling.

I am so pleased with my first self drafted pattern experience. I think there will be more drafting and creativity ahead.

After all... There is Sew Much To Design

Happy Fall Sewing,

Lou Sheffer


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