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Sensational Slub Sweater Knit

Like many others, I often make multiple versions of a pattern, the difference this time is that I made another version of the Talia within a matter of weeks of the first one! The Talia is such a comfortable, chic way to wear a sweater with a bit drama. Add a hood and extra length using a wonderful knit from Minerva and the result is a decadent, elegant sweater!

This Lady McElroy Slub Sweater knit was gifted to me from Minerva and it is wonderful! I love the abstract black and grey geometric stripe. It is a medium-weight polyester, viscose and acrylic blend fabric which makes it very soft and comfortable to wear. It is a perfect weight for a sweater yet it still has a bit of drape, an important element for the Talia Wrap Sweater due to the wrap front and the long back. This fabric would also make a great sweater dress. The fabric is a two way stretch across the width of the fabric. This does dictate that the stripes will run horizontally across the sweater for the best stretch fit. Keep in mind that the fabric is 140 cm wide so if you are wanting to make a longer sweater or dress you will need more fabric. You will also need a bit more fabric for pattern matching.

I made a size large for this sweater graded to a medium at the hips, just like my scoop neck Talia that you can see here. As I would be adding an additional thin layer underneath for layering in cooler weather I cut the sleeves in a size large as well for a bit of extra width. I added 10" of extra length to the back bodice and the left/right bodice pieces. I wanted the sweater to be extra long, a luxury afforded to a 6 foot frame when you make your own clothes!! I did not add a cuff for this particular make I just lengthened the sleeve by 4" and added a roll hem that I finished with a double needle. I finished the hem around the bodice in the same way.

This version of the Talia is hooded but I didn't want the hood to be too large so I cut a size medium hood and neckline opening. The reverse side of the fabric has larger loops on the reverse side due to the two colour design. I wanted a more finished look for the inside of the hood, so I cut two sets of hood patterns. To create a lined hood you simply sew the back seam of the hood, then sew the two hoods together along the outside edge right sides together. When you attach the hood to the neckline make sure to pin and secure the two hood layers to the neckline. Keep in mind that your will have to overlock carefully as some of the neckline will have up to four layers of fabric on the wrap portions of the front bodice. Sew slowly, take your time and it will sew together nicely. I love the lined hood. It gives it a bit more body to the hood and of course some warmth as well.

For these photos I styled my Talia with cords and boots but it is really is quite versatile and offers many options for outfits. I have already worn it with leggings and it also goes really well with a mini or knee length skirt. I will work really well with a wide leg palazzo pant and high heels or boot cut jeans and boots. There are many possibilities which make the Talia a versatile, fun addition to your wardrobe.

Whatever way you style it the Talia is a great pattern that you too may find yourself creating multiple times.

After all... There is Sew Much To Design

Happy Sweater Sewing,

Lou Sheffer

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