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The Delight of Double Gauze

When this delightful blush double gauze fabric arrived from Minerva Fabrics, I thought carefully about the garment I wanted to make. The Indigo Dress from Tilly and the Buttons checked all the boxes.

Double Gauze is usually made by invisibly stitching two very fine layers of cotton together. It is a woven fabric but the weave itself tends to be quite loose. This loose weave combined as a double layer give the fabric an incredibly soft textured look and feel. This layering creates an embossed effect throughout the fabric that has the perfect weight and breathability. It keeps you cool and comfortable in spring and summer, but also offers a coziness in winter. It has a relaxed look that suits more informal styling for shirts, t-shirts and dresses.

There are many benefits to double gauze which is why it has become a very popular clothing choice.

*It is breathable and its construction offers a softness and lightness that makes wearing it a dream. This softness and absorption is what has made it so popular for baby garments and blankets.

*It does not wrinkle! You can completely forget about having to iron any double gauze garment. Folded in a suitcase or rolled up into a ball it keeps its charming embossed look. This makes it perfect for holidays and packing.

*Contrary to popular belief sewing with double gauze is very easy with a few hints and tips.

Double gauze is easy to cut but it can fray easily so you will need to finish the edges with an over locker or a zig zag stitch. The double nature of the fabrics lends itself to movement when sewing so use extra pins and hold your fabric in place while sewing with a gentle touch. Do not tug your fabric as you sew as it will pull out of shape and bulge. Use a new, regular size needle and lots of pins and your garment will sew up seamlessly.

Choosing styles that have simple lines and not many seams will really allow your double gauze to be featured. This is not a fabric for a detailed or tailored look. Choosing a style that is more relaxed and suits the 'crumpled' look of the fabric will guarantee success. Garments that are easy to wear and quite loose will suit this fabric perfectly. You can choose to make a loose fitting pair of pants or jumpsuit with double gauze, but keep in mind that the knees will stretch; the seat of the pants will also stretch and the waffle effect of the weave will flatten if you are seated for long periods of time. A quick wash will restore the fabric but this can effect the look while you are wearing it. For these reasons I prefer to make loose fitting shirts and dresses.

The Indigo dress is an incrediby comfortable smock dress. It slips on over your head with no fussy closures which is perfect for double gauze. It is a "Throw on and go" kind of dress, but it will be a stand out,high rotation, piece in your wardrobe.

The bodice is shaped with bust darts and the dress features an empire waistline and a wonderfully floaty gathered skirt. I chose to sew my Indigo with an exposed frill seam as its feature. The gathered skirt is perfect for the lightness of the double gauze. The best part of course are the side pockets! I love a great dress with pockets. I made a size medium for my dress for a more fitted look to avoid the dress appearing too bulky due to the weight of the double gauze. The only other adjustments I made to sizing was to add 1.5 inches to the length of the skirt.

There are several design options that you can choose for this pattern. There is a straight long sleeve or a 3/4 length sleeve with a beautiful flounce. I opted for short sleeves to keep the lines simple and classic and it works well for warmer weather. Short sleeves also offer the option for easy layering under a jean jacket of cropped cardi.

The gathered tier of the Indigo can be shortened to hip length for a tunic style top, or shortened even more for a cropped version that hangs just below your waistline. You can see my tunic Indigo here. You could also choose to bind the arm holes for an easy hack to create a sleeveless option.

This is a perfect double gauze, easily sewn and styled dress that will add fun and flare to a multi-season wardrobe. Comfort, durability and ease make it the kind of garment that you will make several times and wear often. After all..... There is Sew Much To Design.

Happy Sewing,

Lou Sheffer


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