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A Milestone Moment that Created my Sewing Goals 2023

Updated: May 18, 2023

When @sewhayleyjane on Instagram asked what our proudest make was, it got me thinking. I have made a lot of garments over the last three years since beginning my sewing journey in 2020 but it was really easy to decide; my Denise Coat from Seamwork came to mind right away.

Apart from being a wonderful coat in and of itself, for me, it symbolizes 3 years of learning how to sew! Making this coat took my sewing to the next level. It helped me to realize that I can make anything if I set my mind to it, including a faux leather purse!

Making the Denise showed me that nothing in sewing is too difficult. If you break it down, sewing is simply a combination of smaller simpler steps combined with creativity, careful work and planning, and of course a great pattern. Thanks Seamwork! You can see all of the sewing details about my Denise make here.

This coat helped to give me confidence. It showed me that practise does make perfect and when you find a passion... go for it. Sewing has shown me that I am not too old to learn new things and that lifelong learning does bring you joy as you explore new horizons.

This make was a tipping point of sorts for me. It became the foundation for shaping my sewing goals for 2023. After 3 years of making garments to learn new skills and understand how clothes are constructed and designed, I knew it was time to become mindful about what I make and when.

Once my Denise coat was finished I started to think really carefully about what I would make to go with it. I felt more confident and capable, like an entire world had opened up before me. I really started to think about how to create mix and match outfits, not just more clothes that would end up in my closet. I thought about putting together mini capsule wardrobes with a purpose; some for travel, some for errands, some for meetings and some for seasonal trends and fun. I hope this approach will add depth and layers to my closet, creating seasonal capsule wardrobes that can be packed for travel or used as foundation pieces to mix and match with makes already in my closet.

The cropped jacket featured here is the Jameela Jacket from Sewing Masin. My skirt is self-drafted. The pants are Freja Pants from Fibremood.

All of this tthoughtful planning has helped to reinforce my style and my love of fashion.

My yearly plan of using 2 neutrals per month with one feature print is slowly evolving. One mini capsule outfit is morphing into the next in a more meaningful way. I am thinking about layering more and creatively repeating my makes. All of my colour selections are all based on my soft autumn palette which ensures I feel great in the colours and they all go together really well.

Isn't it wonderful the kind of thinking that can come from asking great questions, from remaining curious. I realize now how important the answer really is to me and I am excited about what all of this thinking and creativity will evolve into over the next year.

After all..... There is Sew Much to Design.

Happy Sewing and Planning,

Lou Sheffer

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