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A Shacket a Day: Tried and True Trend

Updated: May 5, 2021

I loved my plaid orange shacket so much that I needed to create one that I could wear in colder weather. A super soft light grey flannel wool was the perfect choice. For this make I used the full length version of the Fibremood Rya pattern. I eliminated the curved opening at the side of the jacket. I wanted a simpler more straight forward line for this make.

The sizing was true to the size guide on the pattern, leaving plenty of ease for layering. If I were making this as a spring jacket or something to wear inside I would size down by one size to lessen the bulk. Being 6 feet tall, I lengthened the sleeves by my regular 3“ and I added 4” to the length of the coat.

This is a cozy make! I always find the directions on Fibremood patterns are very clear and the illustrations add the needed detail. I used a downloadable PDF which pieced together really nicely. I don't mind putting PDF patterns together. It's kind of a mindful process and I like the thicker paper much more than the thin traditional pattern paper.

This is an intermediate sew because of the pocket plackets and the button holes. But, once again the directions are clearly written and outline each step. If you haven't sewn a pocket placket before it guides you through each step, just take your time and you will be just fine! You could just as easily use snaps on this make as well.

I am already looking for a nice linen so I can make a Spring Shacket... maybe denim as well! I wear my fall and winter versions so much I can't imagine not having one for when the evenings grow cool and you need just a wee layer to keep the chill at bay.

To see a shorter version of this pattern on my blog click here.

I hope this has inspired you to make your own shacket- after all there is Sew Much to Design.

Pattern: Fibremood Rya Pattern

Boots: L'Intervalle, Montreal

Fabric: Fabricland West Toque : Hudson Bay Company

Doggy: Henry the 8th Puppy

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