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Elora by Fibre Mood: New Pattern Release

Introducing Elora, one of the new pattern releases by Fibre Mood for April. Elora is a bit nostalgic but still fashion forward- how can it not be with these amazing sleeves.

I created my Elora in this gorgeous fabric from Blackbird Fabrics. It is subtle contemporary Terrain print Ecovero challis with a perfect drape for the Elora. The subtleness of the fabric allows the wonderful details of the Elora to stand out.

I choose to make the top because I knew that this would allow me to pair it with trousers, jeans, skirts and shorts. It is a very versatile make that adds instant style to any outfit. As a blouse it will be a great season transition piece and a go-to staple.

I made a size 14 that was graded to a size 10 at the hips. I lengthened the sleeve by 1.5” so that the cuff would hit at my elbow. The bodice of the top was lengthened by 1.5” as well. If you choose to make the Elora as a dress you simply add the gathered skirt piece to the bottom of the top and there you have it.

The Elora has a U-shaped neck line, gathered balloon raglan sleeves, ruffles, bows and gathers! There are no buttons or zips which is nice, making it an enjoyable straight forward sew. You need to be patient with the gathering to make sure it is evenly spaced, but I always find gathering a bit meditative, so I enjoy the process.

Let’s talk about the sleeves on the Elora-nothing but magnificent. I absolutely love the large cuff and the ties. It’s such a fun addition to an already dramatic sleeve and it really does make the blouse a step above others similar patterns. Don't shy away from this pattern because the sleeves look complicated, they are easy to sew and the adding the ties and cuff is very straight forward. The finished effect looks fantastic and much more complicated than the pattern itself.

Full disclosure, I ended up pattern hacking the neckline so it has more of a stand-up collar. How did I end up doing this hack?? …..well I sewed the neckband on upside down. I realized what I had done and tried it on anyway and voila… a sewing mistake turned success hack. I love a little collar and that is exactly what I got. IF you sew the neckband on the correct way it will lay much more flat across you collarbone! It is worth mentioning that if you are going to create the collar like I did, you will need to gather the fabric a bit more around the neckline. It was easy enough to create this more gathered effect. I also choose to reduce the size of the neckband a little bit so that I was happy with the final fit. I’m pleased with the final product-sometimes sewing mistakes pay off and I feel this was a win-win for me.

All in all I am really pleased with my Elora, neckline hack and all. I know I will be wearing it often. Perhaps another Elora will be in my future, this time taking special note to sew the neckline on the right way- it will feel like a whole new blouse with a repeat on those spectacular sleeves.

Happy Sewing (with the occasional accidental hack),

Lou Sheffer


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