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Siahra Sundress: Summer Perfection

Updated: Jul 10, 2021

As a Seamwork Ambassador I am really happy to share this July pattern launch the Siahra sundress with you. It is a perfect dress for summer, especially for those days when you want to be a little bit dress up, but its too hot to wear anything complicated. It a double cool factor is what you want, this is your answer. A cool, chic summer style, partnered with a cool breezy cut that you can slip on to beat the summer heat.

I chose a blue gingham seersucker fabric with an embroidered border. It is a perfect weight and adds a bit of structure to the design. I love the embroidered flowers along the bottom of the dress, it adds some flare and helps to break up the expanse of that much gingham. It is like a built in pattern on pattern design; a long used classis fabric design. This particular fabric was purchased at a local Fabricland last summer.

I cut out a size 16 sundress, based on my bustline. Once I had the top basted together, it was much to larger and gapped at the armhole. So I made some adjustments and took it in along the side seam. The finished, fitted size is much closer to a size 14 bodice. That is the size that I will start with next time. I cut out a size 12 for the skirt. A size 12 fits me better through the hip as the gingham has a bit of structure. A fabric with more drape would be fine at a size 14.

The Siahra is a really nice pattern to sew. There aren't too many pieces and several of them only need one piece cut. You only cut one ring loop even though the dress calls for two because you cut the sewn loop in half. Just thought I would mention that so you don't think you lost a loop pattern piece.

You will start by sewing the skirt for the dress. It comes with side pockets which is always a treat. Once you have skirt sewn up and gathered, the pattern asks you to attach the bodice. I would suggest that you sew up the bodice, then try it on for fit before you attach the skirt. This will allow you to get a good fit through the arm syce. Once you have a good fit through the bodice, then attach the gathered skirt.

I wanted the binding on the arm hole and across the back of the dress to match my dress fabric. There is a link to how to do this in the pattern. If you don't want to create your own bias, a contrast or matching purchased binding will work well. It will all depending on the fabric you use and the look you want to achieve. Seamwork has of course included a tutorial for how to do with the pattern.

This was the first time that I made adjustable straps on a sundress. I was tentative at first because some how I had convinced myself that it would be complicated. Well, it wasn't complicated at all. It is a technique that I will use often now. The directions in the pattern are really straight forward. Make sure that you purchase the ring and slider that is one size up from a bra size, it will work much better with the size of the dress strap, especially if the fabric is a bit thicker. I used a clear plastic loop and slide set, they come in a variety of colours and sizes. You may want to order multiples, once you try this approach to adjustable straps you may never sew up anything else.

This dress sewed together in a day. I already have plans for a tropical print maxi dress, maybe with an added ruffle, and I think I want to make a knee length one as well. There is so much that you can do with this pattern after all....

There is Sew Much to Design,

Happy Sewing,

Lou Sheffer


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