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Leopard Luz Cardigan

Updated: May 5, 2021

This is my second Luz make because it is a such a great pattern to use and you get results quickly! The Fibremood Luz is a great pattern to sew and it was just what I needed after a more complicated sew. I could just simply enjoy the process, which also makes it a really good choice for beginning sewers.

This Luz was created with fabric from Minerva. The fabric is Lady McElroy Wool Coating and it is divine. Its a beautifully soft fabric that is wonderful to sew with. It has a frayed selvage which I thought made a lovely edging for the bottom of the cardigan and the sleeve. The reverse side of the fabric is attractive as well, it could actually be sewn either way depending on the look you want.

The Fibremood Luz pattern is a wonderful pattern. It is unlined and the pocket construction is fun to make and offers a very subtle polished look. The front bodice is constructed with a top and bottom piece and the mid-waist seam also creates the pocket. If you have an overlocker the finish inside is neat and attractive. You can have some fun with matching or contrasting. You can also use flat-felted seams or French seams if you want a more formal look. I added 5" to the length and 3" to the sleeve but otherwise there were not other adaptations to this size large make.

The Luz is a great addition to a capsule wardrobe and depending on your fabric choices it is a great transition piece between seasons. Once you make one you are destined to create just one more, after all there is Sew Much To Design!

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Beautiful! I wouldn’t have given the Luz a second look from the Fibremood website photos, but your make is causing a rethink!!

Lou Sheffer
Lou Sheffer
22 de mar. de 2021
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Thanks. It really is a great make

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