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The Pika Vest: A Styling Waistcoat

The Pika Vest is a stylish addition to your wardrobe. Worn alone or layered it is the perfect accessory.

I have always wanted to have a tailored waistcoat as part of my wardrobe, and the Pika Vest from Wardrobe by Me did not disappoint! Pika is beautifully designed. The princess seams, decorative welt pockets and front buttons all add classic detailing.

It is fully lined with facings, making it feel elegant and chic. The back darts and center back seam enhance its design and help to shape it beautifully.

If you have never sewn a waistcoat before there is a sew along YouTube that can be found here. This video will guide you through the sewing process step by step.

Sewing the pika is straight forward and the pattern instructions are easy to follow. Make sure that you mark the pattern pieces carefully and take the time to interface all six pattern sections to ensure that you get the fit and structure needed for a make like this.

The welt pockets are only decorative but they are a wonderful way to introduce yourself to the construction of a welt pocket. You don’t have to cut into your fabric as the “welt” flap is simply attached to the front of the vest.

Once you have the basic vest constructed you will sew together the lining for the vest, sewing the facings to the lining. When all of the facings are sewn to the lining it is sewn to the vest, turning it right side out through the shoulders. The directions and illustrations for each of these steps are very clearly written; before you know it you will have a lovely lined vest that just needs the finishing details.

Make sure to press the vest after each step especially once you have turned it right side out. Taking the time to press the vest before you topstitch along the neckline and the armholes will guarantee a clean, crisp finish.

You can choose buttons for your vest that blend into the fabric i or choose buttons that add a bit of glam and a punch of extra detail. I chose to use vintage shell buttons. They add a pop of interest and match perfectly with the peach of the fabric.

My fabric is from Poly Stoffen. It was the last bit of fabric left over from two previous makes; the Marcia Vest and Ida top. Click on the links to see all the details about these two previous makes.

I am really pleased with how my Pika Vest has turned out. I feel accomplished and proud of the finished product and I know that I will enjoy wearing it as part of my spring wardrobe. I love wearing it on its own with a variety of pants and trousers, layered under jackets and cardigans. Now that I have the fit of the vest customized I will use this pattern again.

I can already see it made up as in a traditional tweed for winter, a fun patchwork denim for fun casual wear and maybe even in a pleather.

After all… There is Sew Much To Design.

Happy Waistcoat Sewing,

Lou Sheffer

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Jos Ruitenbeek
Jos Ruitenbeek
07. 4. 2023

Sew in love with your Pika!

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